Uppdrag: International Space Station Flight UF-1.
Färja: Endeavour.
Pad: 39B.
Start: 23:19 CET den 5 dec, 2001.
Fönster: 5 minuter.
Docking: 21:03 CET den 7 dec, 2001
EVA: 1st.
Undocking: 18:28 CET den 15 dec, 2001.
Landning: 18:55 CET den 17 dec, 2001.
Längd: 11 dagar, 19 timmar och 37 minuter
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Tal, 11 septemberdåden
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"In stark contrast to the international cooperation and unity in our effort to take mankind literally to the stars, we are reminded of our loss and sorrow due to the acts of violence and terror in an unprecedented attack on freedom, democracy and civilization itself," NASA lead flight director Wayne Hale radioed up to the joined crews of the station and shuttle Endeavour.

"More than 3,000 people perished this day three months ago, including more than 200 citizens from countries that are family members of the International Space Station program -- Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Russia," sa han.

"Today in space, Americans and Russians together honor these dead. We remember the heroes that, disregarding their own personal safety, rushed to do all that they could, and more than was humanly possible. And we honor all of those who in the days since have put themselves in harm's way, far from home, to protect and defend us and we come to rededicate ourselves to the defense of freedom."

"The large trail of smoke off to the south, the pall of smoke over south Manhattan, made it clear to us that it was a terribly tragedy, that many lives were lost, and many, many people and their families were affected by what happened," sa Culbertson.

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